Norton Internet Security and Internet Explorer leaves customers vulnerable.

Instead of Norton, consider using AVG. Instead of Internet Explorer, consider Firefox.

Here's how to make the change:

Step 1. Download Firefox 3.62 web browser:

Step 2. Un-install (Remove) Norton.

After you run this removal tool, it will launch an IE browser
window asking you to re-install your Norton product. Disregard it.
Do not re-install Norton.

Step 3. Install AVG for anti-virus / firewall:

Click on the "Get Trial Version" link. (On right side of page,
halfway down) You have 30 days to try/pay for it.

These changes will make your internet security more bulletproof and
your computer will be significantly faster than running Internet Explorer
and Norton Internet Security.

Step 4.
After you download and install AVG, update the virus definitions and
do a scan. Also do a root-kit scan.

You can walk through AVG's menus to set-up update and scan schedules.