We tested 3 amber watches, two model Graphite Sport (LD-30) UPC 8 53950 00106 7 and one model Millennium Chrome (MC-30) UPC 8 53950 00103 6. The Millenium Chrome version was acceptable, but the alert-tone on both of the Graphite Sport models was not very loud. We called customer support and they informed us to replace the batteries. We replaced the batteries and the tone was still unacceptably soft.

More frustrating was that the instructions for programming the Amber Watch were simply inaccurate. Their graphic showing button locations was simply wrong. Our graphic has the programming buttons correctly identified so that the instructions that come with the watch work.

We tested the watches on children and found that if a child usually doesn't wear a watch, they probably won't use the amber watch regularly.

Overall, the AmberWatch is a great idea. We give it a "5" out of "10.


























































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