From the Sidekick's web browser, you can only view Yahoo web mail, not delete it. (This may have changed with Yahoo's new webmail beta version.)

If you want to view and delete mail from your Yahoo account, you must set up your Sidekick to "pull-in" the Yahoo mail into your account.

To "pull-in" your Yahoo mail into your Sidekick II, you first need to set it up.

Click on the Sidekick Quickfind button (bottom left) and go to the e-mail application.

When you see the "inbox" you'll know you're in the right place.

Click on the Sidekick Menu button (top left). From the scroll-down menu, select "Settings" and then select "Accounts", then the again and select "New Account".

In the "Mail Server" text box insert:

In the "Username" text box insert your username (the part just before

Enter your password in the "Password" text box.

Scroll to the bottom and click on "Create".

To check your mail, hold down the button and "U" (capital yoo) at the same time.

Even e-faxes will be viewable from your Yahoo e-mail account, sent as inline images.

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